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The Peoples Church has been a light in the Bestwood Park area for more than fifty years.

Our vision is to see those who have a personal relationship with Jesus grow in their faith. And for those who have not yet met Jesus Christ, that they would come to know Him as their Lord and Saviour.  We long to see people have a personal encounter with Jesus that will change their lives.

We strive to provide a place for people to come and worship Jesus in their own unique way. Whether that be through music, serving on a team or showing encouragement to our neighbours in the area.

As a church we show God’s love by serving our community as Jesus would served them.

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As we begin the process of running events once more here at Peoples Church, the current plan going forward will be this:

Sunday Service - 10:30 am [Bring your own communion!]
Family Service - 1:00pm [Every other Sunday!]

You can find more information about some of the activities here and other events throughout the website.

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Upcoming Events

We have began opening the Peoples Church for Sunday Services (information is on the COVID-19 Update page), in the meantime you can still find us on:



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