When Jesus ascended back to be with the Father, He didn’t just leave what He started with one person. He left it with a team of twelve that changed the world. 2,000 years later, The Peoples Church is still using that model, and we have assembled a team that can help us shake not just the surrounding community but also the world around it.


Pastor Phill Edmundson

Pastor Phill  has been coming to The Peoples Church for most of his life, starting out as the Youth Leader for Magnetik, he then became the Associate Pastor and is now the Senior Pastor at the Peoples Church. Pastor Phill is married to Helen and they have two sons, Ben and Isaac.

Dave Lambert

Dave  was once one of the youth at Magnetik and is now leading the Youth team. He has a passion to see young people get to meet with Jesus and exceed their own expectations. Dave is married to Cecil and they have one daughter, Zoe.